Welcome to my Blog on which I want to share my works and construction steps but also
be able to exchange tips and ideas.

samedi 4 février 2012

Work in progress - Cowboy

Here are several screenshots of a WIP caricature 3d model (base mesh) inspired by the actor Jeff Bridges in the movie "True Grit". (full maya - i have not worked in zbrush)

jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Children of Manasa

Here is a personal project of a wild creature half human half snake.
The idea : Manasa, the goddess of snakes in Hindu mythology .
I am still working on the project.
I used mentalcore beta 1  by Corey Frew (lighting, shading, rendering)

concept art :

beauty pass :

displace :

The Wrestler

I made this project during my training by Olivier Pinol with "Relight" (copyright The
Bakery Animation) .
I started by modeling the bones and muscles with 132 muscles under the skin, thus,
I was able to achieve a topology with the integration of muscles and fat mass.
Shading / lighting / rendering with Relight during a period of three days at The Bakery

Addiction «Igor» & «mosquito»

Igor is the main character of a school project with Olivier Pinol; it allowed me to work in
a team on an animation short movie project.
I made the design (concept sculpt digital, modeling of the head, hands, helmet and half of
the textures of the model). I also dealt with the shading.

The "Mosquito" in the same project.

Sculpture «portrait et etude»

Order of a bust of little girl.  Scale 1 / 1 - Clay :

 Order of a bust of Egyptian type. Scale 1 / 1 - Clay :

Horse study -  30cm - Plaxtin :

Concept art «Ice Prowler» et «Tioam»

Concept Art "Ice Prowler" and "Tioam"
The concept of a feline creature in a universe dominated by cold
and a character based on a scenario that I wrote in my spare time.